Having your computer freeze can be a very frustrating experience. You’re in the middle of playing a game or doing some important work when suddenly everything freezes. You can’t do anything except press the restart button, in the process you lose your important work or have to start all over in whatever game you have been playing.

Sound familiar? If this happens to you then you might be asking why does my computer freeze so much? It does not have to happen there are very simple solutions to the question why does my computer freeze. It may be a simple matter of increasing the amount of RAM on your computer to being smart about what programs you run at the same time.


If your computer fan is not working properly then you will run into the problem of your PC freezing or ‘hanging’. This happens because your computer is overheating. The solution to this is to buy a new fan to help the airflow. You should not install this unless you have been trained to do so. Another solution is to tape the internal wires and cables together to improve the airflow. Taping is a cheaper solution but it is not the best solution.


The Random Access Memory, or RAM, on your computer could be the answer to why does my computer freeze. Not enough RAM can cause a computer to run extremely slowly or in the worst case scenario to freeze. The very obvious and simple solution is to simply buy more RAM. You will find that your computer runs a lot faster when you do this.

Another problem that relates to the RAM is the amount of system resources that are available. When you are playing a game or using an application that is large or has cool graphics then you will notice that you run into the problem of your computer freezing. The answer to this why does my computer freeze question is simply that too many resources are being taken up on your computer.

To free up resources and prevent this problem you need to reduce the number of programs that are running in the background and applications that start up automatically. Shut down programs that you are not using before you start using large applications or games. If you are attempting to download files while playing a game then this could also be the answer to why does my computer freeze?

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